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This site focuses on the transformation of project portfolio management (PPM) beyond the traditional model via developing an entrepreneurial mindset to embrace change, foster innovation, and deliver business value.

It is not intended to help you become an entrepreneur to start your own business. Instead, it will concentrate on exploring and embracing the distinguishing traits of the entrepreneur to expand the vision of project management and empower project practictioners to become strategic business partners.

According to Daptiv, a leader in PPM software, project entrepreneurship will become a key focus for PPM.

"Project entrepreneurship means project managers must develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset will enable project and portfolio leaders to take on risks, foster innovation and focus on business value, rather than just looking at the traditional triple constraints of time, budget and quality."

Entrepreneurial project management is about developing an "executive mindset" for the project manager, with a focus on business outcomes, opportunity risk, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Traits of an Entrepreneur
Traits of an Entrepreneur

The following are just a few of the topics this site will cover:

About Patti Gilchrist

Patti Gilchrist, Entrepreneurial PM

Patti Gilchrist is a Sr. Technical Manager with 25 years experience implementing strategic enterprise initiatives.

Patti has a reputation for effectively translating business problems into innovative solutions and creating strategic roadmaps to achieve business goals.

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